FUJI Saisho BJJ Gi Λευκό (Με λευκή ζώνη)


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With the Saisho gi, Fuji Sports brings you the ultimate beginner’s gi for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s viewed as the little brother of the Fuji All Around gi, with a similar feel and fit. This BJJ gi features a lightweight jacket and pants, and it comes with a free white belt! Due to its minimal styling this jiu jitsu gi is a good fit in any gym and blends in perfectly on any mat.

This gi is available in 3 different colours, which are all legal for IBJJF tournaments: White, blue and black.

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Λευκό – White

Gi Size

A1 – Small, A2 – Medium, A3 – Large, A4 – X-Large