Clean Hugs Well-felt deodorant

Clean Hugs Well-felt deodorant


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Certified organic deodorant guaranteeing natural formulation and effectiveness.

With essential oils of mint and lavender.

Aluminum container and biodegradable labels.

This 100% natural organic deodorant does not contain aluminum or alcohol.

Our secret ? An artisanal production based on baking soda! Perfectly hypoallergenic, it neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the bad smell of sweat. Be careful though, this is not an excuse to stick with anyone!

Volume: 30ml

Ingredients: Shea Butter *, corn starch *, baking soda, jojoba vegetable oil *, Bassu vegetable oil *, fine lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil *, green clay, vitamin E

Directions for use: Is deodorant in a balm new to you? It is extremely simple.

Using your fingers, simply apply a little deodorant to your dry armpits. Simply as you would any body cream

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