Bad Boy Training Series Impact Σορτσάκι Μαύρο/Μπλε


Bad Boy Training Series Impact Σορτσάκι Μαύρο/Μπλε

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Bad Boy Training Series Impact MMA Shorts

The Bad Boy Training Series Impacts MMA Shorts are built to bring you the natural mobility and breathability you need to perform. Anywhere, anytime.

All-ground mobility.

The Bad Boy Training Series Impact MMA Shorts are designed with 4-way knit construction to offer total freedom of movement.

The highly stretch crotch and the side slits ensure more flexibility for an extended range of motion.

From Cross Fit workouts to MMA fights, they will move just like you, thanks to their ultra-light weight and secure Velcro closing.

All-time comfort.

Made with a breathable bamboo fabric, those Bad Boy MMA Shorts provide super soft sensation on skin, avoiding any kinds of irritation.

Thanks to its highly absorbent properties – twice than cotton -, the bamboo fabric eases sweat absorption to pull it away from the skin, accelerating its evaporation.

By trapping warm air inside their natural fibre, they will keep you warm in winter, while their breathable sweat-wicking properties will keep moisture at bay for greater comfort in summer.

Too cold or too hot, will never be an excuse anymore.

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